07.03.2021 15:02
oti prepei gia ton cafe mou<3 Open minded try anything<RAND>18-37] married and need a bit of extra are you interested in casual relaxing, i hope so. <a href=http://www.helenag.cz/obchod/plugins/guestbook/go.php?url=https://escort-mix.com/>escortmix</a>. I can wear some nice bunny ears and transparent underwear Well she's natural woman!!! Yeap. She's totally out of the industry. Of course I don't agree with rape, but men get raped by women all the time, but the burden of responsibi&shy;lity always falls on the man. What about the times when men are black out drunk and women who are moderately intoxicate&shy;d take advantage of them. In the morning when they wake up and both regret it, chances are only the man will get in trouble for it if anyone does get in trouble. I've had women come on to me (sexual harassment&shy;) that I wanted nothing to do with, but because I'm a guy my concerns are not taken seriously. The most a judge would give these women is a restrainin&shy;g order, however if I even acted remotely like them I would be charged with sexual assault and potentiall&shy;y put in jail. This is a blatant double standard and the language of this new definition upholds this double standard. If there is one thing I hate, its double standards.
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