04.06.2024 22:43
The world’s most walkable cities revealed (and they aren’t in the US) [url=https://kraken13i.at]kraken тор[/url] Strap up, people, we’re going boots-on-the-ground for this week’s CNN Travel newsletter. Let’s leave the jet engines behind, quit viewing the world through screens and breathe in sweet lungfuls of adventure. https://kraken13i.at kraken вход Few things in life are as delightful as ambling around a new neighborhood in a new city, chancing upon cute stores, bars, eateries and public spaces. But decades of car-centric policies means lots of cities around the world lack an abundance of pedestrian-friendly streets, a new study called “The ABC of Mobility” has found. The bigger and richer the city, the less likely it is to be easily walkable. But there are plenty of exceptions, as the stats from the study broken down by The Economist newspaper show. The Mozambique seaport of Quelimane, population 350,000, comes out as the most foot-friendly of the 794 cities surveyed in the study, but there are some less off-the-radar destinations in Europe (whose metropolises rank considerably higher than those of the United States). In the Netherlands, the tree-lined canals of Utrecht (No. 3) and the monumental splendor of The Hague (No. 27) are quieter alternatives to tourist favorite Amsterdam (No. 66). In northern Spain, the port city of Bilbao (No. 8) is famous for its Frank Gehry–designed Guggenheim Museum, and Leon (No. 9) boasts Roman ruins and Gothic cathedrals. Finally, in the Alpine region of Tyrol, where Italy meets Austria, Bolzano (No. 14) offers an opportunity to come face-to-face with Otzi the Iceman in the archaeological museum, while Innsbruck (No. 25) has world-class skiing and mountaineering.
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