15.01.2024 03:19
The tech sector is pouring billions of dollars into AI. But it keeps laying off humans <a href=https://m9ga.at>mega sb darknet</a> The tech sector has kicked off the new year with a spate of fresh job cuts that are coming at the same time as the industry is doubling down on investments into artificial intelligence. While AI tools putting workers out of jobs has been a major point of anxiety in Silicon Valley and beyond over the past year, not all the recent layoffs in the tech industry are directly linked to AI tools simply replacing workers. But many of the recent job cut announcements have come on the heels of those same companies disclosing major investments into AI technology as they look to reallocate resources, and a growing number of tech firms have explicitly cited AI as a reason for rethinking head counts. The continued labor upheaval unfolding in the very industry creating AI could point to more unrest to come as the technology is forecast to reshape the broader business landscape in the years ahead.
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